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A Beautiful Life

When you hear the word “beauty,” what comes to mind?

To me, beauty is a moment, an action, a person, a feeling…and so much more. I believe beauty is less about what’s on the outside and more of a confidence that radiates from within.

It’s a love and appreciation for small things. It’s celebrating the big things. It’s overcoming and persisting through this life. It’s getting back up when we’ve been knocked down. It’s owning the scrapes and scars, the bumps and bruises we get along the way…but not letting those things define who we are and what we’re capable of.

I’m reminded of the beauty of the world regularly on walks with my daughter. To see the world through her eyes is a gift. I have to admit that before her, I rarely stopped to smell the roses. Sure, I had an appreciation for all things, but I rarely took that extra pause to breathe in the beauty of the moment and commit it to memory. On a walk a few months ago, we came to a patch of weeds on the corner. My daughter stopped and asked me to admire the tiny flower buds among the weeds. I tried to appease her at first, saying something like “Oh, that is pretty.” If you know my daughter personally, you know she doesn’t fall for that. She wants you in it, right there with her, experiencing the fullness of the moment.

Beauty is seeing the world through a child’s eyes, fascinated by the seemingly ordinary things…seeing the flower amongst the weeds. Choosing to see the good even through the darkness.

Beauty shows up in how we care for ourselves and how we care for others. It’s showing up, ready to serve and being the friend who is quick to listen but slow to speak.

Beauty is the moments that most people won’t see on social media, the moments of delight in something simple. The acts of kindness that don’t earn applause.

I’ve been building my beauty business for 13 years and love helping women feel confident in their skin. (And you’ll likely find some physical beauty tips and tricks on the blog from time to time). But, beauty isn’t just skin deep. It is so much more.

Beauty is a way of life.

Seek it, build it, create it.

Make today a beautiful day,



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