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Will you join me on this journey?

I imagine for some, 2020 was filled with a few mountain top moments. You know the kind - the moment when everything you’ve been working toward suddenly comes together. Or, maybe this year was filled with surprising mountain top moments - unexpected blessings you didn’t see coming.

Or perhaps instead 2020 felt like you were on the mountain, in the middle of your climb, and you lost your footing. You fell, hit every rock on the way down, and are now in the valley wandering around trying to find your shoes.

No matter what your 2020 was like, we all get to hit that reset button. Sure, you could wait until January 1, but like Glenda the good witch said to Dorothy, “you’ve had the power all along.” So why not start today?

No, we can’t foresee the moments that knock us off our feet. We can, however, choose what we do when we get back up.

At the start of the new year, I saw my mountain clearly and was determined to make the climb and reach that summit. Life had other plans. After a (sadly literal) fall landed my dad in the hospital, the news came in that he would need high-risk surgery. The realization that I might be talking to him for the last time was overwhelming and a moment that changed me. It was one of those pivotal moments that turns your life on its head. A moment that brought the finality of life to the forefront. A moment that makes you wonder if you’re living all in, or if you’re playing it safe.

Coincidentally, my word for this year was brave. In January, I had lofty ideas about how bravery would play out this year. God had other plans. This year transformed me and made me ask: was I living brave enough, or was I living safe? Was I sharing all of my gifts with the world, or was I leaving some on the shelf collecting dust?

Four years ago, a dream was planted in my heart to start a website. It was an idea that came and went with conviction, but remained untouched for the most part. It's funny how God knows the deep corners of our heart, and how He makes good on His promise to finish what He starts. Have you ever experienced this? After a lot of personal reflection contemplating if I was living my bravest life, I knew what I had to do: finally let this project that’s been brewing see the light of day!

Wondering what you’ll find here? I’m glad you asked...

My vision for this site is about creating a space for women to learn, connect, and grow. A space that celebrates beauty - inside, outside, in the little things, and in the big things. I have a calling on my heart to help women build their confidence by learning new skills, by conquering fears, and by facing the giants that too often keep us quiet. I want to create a community where women lift each other up, connect, and support each other on their journey to become the best versions of themselves. I believe confident women change their lives, impact their families and change the world.

I invite you to grab a cup of coffee (if you don’t have one already!) and join me on this journey. Even better - join my email list to receive updates and exclusive goodies delivered straight to your inbox every week!

Seek beauty. Build confidence. Create community.



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I hope you’ll find something that lifts your spirit, sparks inspiration, and reminds you to seek beauty in this crazy world. I’m looking forward to sharing more, and hope you’ll be along for the journey with me. 



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